the 10 golden rules

For the ski school to properly function, please take into account these ten rules.

Rule 1 :
Arrive in advance at the ski lesson meeting points.

Rule 2 :
You must have for each class:
  • Your lesson card 
  • Your lift pass 
  • Your equipment (helmet, ski, and ski boots) 

Rule 3 :
Protect yourself against cold and sun-rays, wear warm clothes, gloves, glasses and bring some sunscreen.

Rule 4 :
For each lesson, it is highly recommended to wear an helmet.

Rule 5 :
Don’t forget to give your child a little snack.

Rule 6 :
The programmes and opening hours are can be changed during the season by the ESF director.

Rule 7 :
Instructors can’t be blamed for bad weather and ski lift breakdowns.

Rule 8 :
In case of events that are beyond our control, a ski lesson can be shortened and won’t be refunded.

Rule 9 :
The pupils are not insured by the ESF. We advise you to subscribe to an insurance to avoid troubles and over spending in case of incident.

Rule 10 :
Concerning the Piou Piou Club:
  • You can watch your children but keep in mind that children do not behave the same way when they see their parents. Be discreet. 
  • Consider your children level and do not take them on difficult ski slopes that could scare them. 
  • Keep on smiling and encouraging your child!